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Global initiative is in motion to get funds into the hands of restaurants now!

Dining Bond COVID-19

Due to the impact that the coronavirus COVID-19 has had on the restaurant community, Helen Patrikis, Steven Hall, and Alan Aurmont have set a global initiative in motion to get funds into the hands of restaurants NOW, even if they are temporarily closed. A Dining Bond works like a savings bond, where you can purchase a “bond” at a value rate to be redeemed for face value at a future date. For restaurants, many of whom are small businesses and are in serious risk of shutting their doors permanently due to this crisis, the bonds can bring in much-needed revenue. And for us, the public, they’re a chance to show love and support, ensuring the future of some of their favorite restaurants, not to mention the many people who may be forced out of work. So let’s put these bonds to work and save and support restaurants with Dining Bonds! Please share.

P.S. Because restaurants are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing times and find ways to stay afloat, some may not have the dining bond info on their site just yet. Please call or email them directly to learn how to purchase.

For more information please visit:

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