Chef Dennis Garlic Oysters – A Restaurant Classic

Chef Dennis Garlic Oysters – A Restaurant Classic
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Oysters have been gaining popularity in restaurants all over the world and serving them in your home isn’t as difficult as you might think. My garlic oysters are a restaurant classic that you’ll enjoy time and time again once you see how easy they are to make.

Garlic Oysters were one of the most popular appetizers on my restaurant menu years ago at the Jersey Shore. You may not find these on many menu’s but this restaurant classic is sure to be a welcome addition to your dinner table for the holidays and beyond.

Oysters have always been popular but it seems that they’ve become the most sought after seafood item in many restaurants. No longer reserved for special occasions more people are enjoying oysters at their favorite restaurants.

Let’s start by gathering our ingredients for this dish. In chef speak we call that the Mise en Place loosely translated into everything in its place. The ingredient list is short with the stars of the dish being the oysters and garlic butter. You can add your favorite seasoning and make these delicious crustaceans just how you like them.

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