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Chef Michael Beltran Cuban Muffuletta Sandwich Recipe – Chug’s Diner | Miami, FL


Chug’s Cuban Sandwich
By Chef Michael Beltran
Serving: 1

Chug’s Cuban Sandwich


16 oz. loaf of rosemary olive oil Sourdough (or any Sourdough)
4 slices of honey ham
4 slices of black pepper salami
2 slices / 3 oz. of country pate
4 slices Gouda
Handful of cornichons


Begin by slicing a thin layer off of the top of the loaf and then hollowing it out. Then spread the mayo and mustard on the bottom and begin layering the ingredients – pate, honey ham, salami, cornichons, and cheese. Top with the slice once it’s been filled and panini press for 15 – 20 minutes under low heat. Best enjoyed with a bag of plantain chips!


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