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Ceviche also called or known as cebichesevichesebiche is a South American world-class seafood dish originally from Peru where is considered a national dish. Fresh fish cured with lime juice, tossed with cilantro, cucumber, tomato, and sometimes avocado. Ceviche is also low-carb, gluten-free, and low-fat. What could be better than Ceviche for your summer gatherings? Surprise your friends and family this 4th of July weekend with one of these special Ceviche recipes below courtesy of some of our favorite Chefs. Happy 4th!!

Summer Watermelon Ceviche
Summer Watermelon Ceviche – Photo Credit: No Man’s Land of Garrett Hospitality Group

Executive Chef Austin Stull, No Man’s Land of Garrett Hospitality Group, Fort Lauderdale 

Summer Watermelon Ceviche – “Made with fresh white fish and an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and tropical juices. It’s light with the perfect balance of flavors and an extra hint of watermelon. This is the ultimate summer dish.” Find the recipe here.

Grilled Shrimp Ceviche
Grilled Shrimp Ceviche – Photo Credit: Chef Brian Landry

Chef Brian Landry, Jack Rose in New Orleans & Marsh House in Nashville

Grilled Shrimp Ceviche – “Shrimp is a gateway seafood and perfect for those that don’t eat a lot of other shellfish. I love making shrimp ceviche during the summer because it’s light, refreshing, and packed with flavor. While any shrimp will do, I prefer u-12 white shrimp because they are milder and sweeter.” Find the recipe here.

Phuc Yea Vietnamese Ceviche
Vietnamese Style Ceviche – Photo Credit: Phuc Yea

Chef Cesar Zapata, Phuc Yea – Miami

Vietnamese-Style Ceviche made with Florida-caught grouper, ají limo Leche de Tigre, Nước chấm, avocado, sweet potato, young coconut, and Thai bird chili.
“This refreshing, Vietnamese-style ceviche can be easily prepared at home making it a perfect dish for a summer gathering. Pro-tip: make sure to make a double batch of the Nước chấm as it keeps well and makes for an awesome dipping sauce for all kinds of meat and seafood.” Find the recipe here.

Tropical Ceviche of the Day
Tropical Ceviche – Photo Credit: Cervecería La Tropical

Chef Cindy Hutson, Cervecería La Tropical – Miami

Tropical Ceviche of the Day with Leche de Tigre – “The secret to great ceviche is to use the freshest of fish and to ensure all ingredients going into it are equally at their height of flavor. I like to use fresh ginger, in-season mangoes from Miami, and fresh passion fruit mixed with peppers, red onion, and cilantro. For fish, I like using Cobia because it is firm and doesn’t break down or get mushy, but it does stand up to the citrus.” Find the recipe here

Corvina Ceviche Toro Toro
Corvina Ceviche – Photo Credit: Toro Toro Miami

Chef Jean Delgado, Toro Toro – Miami

Corvina Ceviche with Rocoto Leche de Tigre and Boniato Chips – “My secret technique to making a delicious ceviche is when filleting and cutting the fish of choice, I like to use fresh Snapper, cut the fish into thicker slices and cubes to add texture to the dish. A thicker cut allows the juices to be absorbed for the most impactful taste! I also suggest adding an additional layer of texture with a crunchy topping such as our Boniato Chips that are made using quinoa.” Find the recipe here

Lona Ceviche
Grouper and Rock Shrimp Ceviche – Photo Credit: Lona Cocina & Tequileria

Chef Jorge Gutierrez, Lona Cocina & Tequileria – Fort Lauderdale

Grouper and Rock Shrimp Ceviche – “The most important component of a great ceviche is fresh ingredients. It is always important to source fresh, local seafood when preparing a ceviche or aguachile, but the backbone of any ceviche recipe is fresh lime juice. If the lime used is not ripe, or too bitter, the overall taste of the dish will be unbalanced and overwhelming. Juicing limes can be time-consuming, but the end result is a light, citrusy ceviche that is perfect for summer.” Find the recipe here

Ceviche Tradicional
Cebiche Tradicional – Photo Credit: ITAMAE – Miami

Chefs Nando and Valerie Chang, ITAMAE – Miami

Cebiche Tradicional – Peruvian ceviche made with the daily catch, red onion, tosaka, and ají limo Leche de Tigre. According to Chefs Nando and Val, “This dish is a true representation of the influence and presence of Japanese technique in Peruvian cuisine. The fish is cut sashimi-style but marinated with Peruvian ingredients. The secret to a good cebiche is the freshness of the fish and the balance of flavors (salt, acid, and spice). We change these catches daily, so diners can come to Itamae three times in the same week and have a different experience with the same dish.” Find the recipe here 

Amarillo Ceviche
Amarillo Ceviche – Toro Latin Kitchen Dania Beach

Chef Richard Sandoval, Toro Latin Kitchen – Dania Beach

Aji Amarillo Tuna Ceviche – “The technique for making great ceviche has a lot to do with one’s knife skills and textures: how finely is the onion minced, how nice is the fish chopped. You’re effectively building a very simple, but complex bite, and you don’t want any of the individual flavors to overpower one another. My grandmother in Mexico City introduced me to many of my first bites including ceviche. From individual ingredients to complex dishes, she would have me taste and be part of the entire process. I associate a lot of my culinary identity with my heritage and my learnings from her.” Find the recipe here.

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