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Méndín & Friends

Chef Emma Cardarelli of Nora Gray in Montreal at Pubelly
By Susy Ayora

The third segment of the Mendin & Friends series is soon to be upon us. Chef Emma Cardarelli of Nora Gray, Montreal, and Chef Jose Mendin of Pubbelly, will be a force to be reckoned with in the Pubbelly kitchen. Hosted by Chef Mendin, the extremely talented team will be working together to serve up a delicious family-style Italian feast, on the evening of Thursday, March 3rd. ‘To further the conversation of heritage pigs on dinner tables across the nation’, this is the mission of Cochon U.S Tour, a national food series that travels North America.

 A collaboration of highly skilled chefs, butchers and bar chefs, it was on this stage in Toronto, 2015 that Chef Cardarelli and Chef Mendin were first introduced. After a huge success serving up delicious cuts of pork, the duo began chatting and decided to one day collaborate. The chefs will intertwine individual Italian inspired dishes, serving up a family-style tasting menu to diners. The Nora Gray Chef has connected with local Miami butchers and will be sourcing her ingredients locally, using seasonal ingredients for dishes. Chef Mendin will mastermind an original selection of Italian inspired dishes for the evening. To perfectly complement the night, indulge in the ‘Italian Inspired Beverage Pairing’, an extra for those wanting specially selected drinks with their dinner. A social affair, the third stop in the Mendin and Friends series will be an evening you’ll want to stop by for. Tickets are $65, and optional $38 for Italian Inspired Beverage pairing.

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