Overseas Leisure Group launches the Responsible Traveler Challenge

Overseas Leisure Group launches the Responsible Traveler Challenge
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Luxury travel and tour operator incentivize travelers to take social responsibility and empowers the travel industry to advocate stricter health and safety measures for clients

Luxury travel and tour operator, Overseas Leisure Group, is advocating a shift in mindset among today’s traveler by introducing its “Responsible Traveler Challenge” comprising of two industry-first incentives aimed at inducing a higher level of social responsibility when booking and traveling, in order to protect our beloved destinations and hospitality workforce from potential exposure to Covid-19. These pioneering incentives offered by the North American destination specialist also provides the travel advisor with the support and tools they need to promote the importance of being a responsible traveler among their client base.

As an incentive for travelers to get tested, Overseas Leisure Group is offering a $250 credit on each booking after proving that all adults in the travel party have been tested negative for Covid-19 during the 72 hours preceding their departure. The offer applies to all portfolio destinations and travelers can apply their credit towards activities, incidentals, or restaurants during their trip. Alternatively, travelers can select to have the credit donated to Partners In Health, an international health care organization helping global communities and those impacted by Covid-19. The monetary incentive initiates a significant call to action for the traveler taking responsibility to protect those they encounter and the environment within each destination throughout their journey.

To supplement this tangible booking incentive, Overseas Leisure Group is the first travel operator to partner with a Covid-19 Screening App, offering an additional tool for allowing the responsible traveler to remain at low risk. The company has partnered exclusively with App provider Entrsafe to offer travelers a mobile method for evaluating their own exposure, symptoms, and risk to others from the Coronavirus prior to and during periods of travel. The App will help travelers self-evaluate and “clear” their condition before boarding a plane or checking-in to their final destination, which is now being made available through the Apple App Store or via Google Apps. Travelers will be advised to use the App daily prior to entering a venue or meeting with an experiential guide for example, as part of a wider effort to protect local employees.

Overseas Leisure Group has more than 20 years of experience promoting the U.S as an adventure destination, veering away from urban areas, and encouraging visitors to get lost in our incredible wilderness. Since the progressive reopening of traffic across the U.S, the company has partnered with the leading luxury travel companies to design the perfect journey—mixing destination, travel mode, and safety protocols. While Overseas Leisure Group continuously monitors how the virus regains force in secluded areas, it wants travelers to participate in keeping the remote areas as safe as possible, while enjoying the abundance of treasures the country has to offer, many of them off the grid.

For further information on the Responsible Traveler Challenge by Overseas Leisure Group, please contact Lori@overseasinternational.com.

Overseas Leisure Group launches the Responsible Traveler Challenge

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