Pizza & Burger by Michael Mina Punch Bowls Recipes – Miami Beach, FL

Pizza and Burger is revamping their cocktail program and one of their new additions is called “The Punch”. Please find 3 recipes below. These punches are great to share amongst groups and are priced at $85 each.

Vice Night-Absolute vodka, lemon juice, Jalapeno Hibiscus Syrup, Fresh Watermelon Juice

Lychee Punch-Malibu Rum, St. Germaine, Fresh Lychee, Lemon, Cranberry Juice

The Bleau-Volcan Tequila, Pineapple Juice, Coco Lopez, Lime, Blue Curacao

Note: Each recipe equals 128 ounces, the remaining ounces are left for shaking for diluted water from ice/, for instance, the vice night equates to 96 ounces, the remaining 30 ounces of liquor would be rendered from ice dilution.

Vice Night

Vodka 32 oz
Lemon Juice 16 oz
Jalapeno Hibiscus Syrup 16 oz
Watermelon Juice 32 oz

Lychee Punch

Coconut Rum 36 oz
St Germaine 18 oz
Lemon Juice 14 oz
Lychee Syrup canned 14 oz
Cranberry juice 9 oz

The Bleau Tequila

Tequila 32 oz
Pineapple Juice 32 oz
CocoLopez 8 oz
Lime Juice 12 oz
Blue Curacao 8 oz

Zulma Torres

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