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Smorgasburg Makes it to South Beach!

Crowds eager for Asian food during Chinese New Year, January 22, 2023 at Smorgasburg Miami
Photo Credit: Smorgasburg Miami

Smorgasburg’s launches on Lincoln Road tomorrow, Friday, March 10th, with Fantastic live Funk- Pop- Jazz

On Saturday, March 11th & Sunday, March 12th, from 12-7 pm, Smorgasburg Miami, Miami’s largest outdoor-food market, will celebrate its first anniversary. Since its opening on March 12th, 2022, Smorgasburg Miami has been a successful incubating ground for aspiring restaurateurs who set up concepts at Smorgasburg and cook for thousands of people every weekend. Smorgasburg Miami, which at the beginning of its operation only opened on Saturdays, now opens its doors for hungry and adventurous eaters on Saturdays and Sundays in Wynwood and Fridays on Lincoln Road!

Smorgasburg Celebrates One Year Anniversary!
Wok Star Eleanor Hoh – Photo Credit:  Yanni Georgoulakis

Throughout the past year, Smorgasburg Miami welcomed over 500,000 people to indulge in many new flavors and culinary experiences. Smorgasburg Miami also hosted special thematic events throughout the year to highlight and honor different communities in Miami. On January 22nd & 23rd, 2023, in partnership with Miami food personality Wok Star Eleanor Hoh, Smorgasburg Miami hosted Chinese New Year, drawing over 45,000 who enjoyed different Asian food and cultural experiences such as the Lion Dance, Calligraphy & Art Lessons, and a Taiwanese pop violinist. Last week’s 305 Eats Day was celebrated with, of course, a Cafecito coffee maker-shaped truck, local Miami Musicians playing funk-pop-jazz, and a comedy show hosted by local Miami stand-up performers.

Looking ahead, Smorgasburg Miami will continue providing vendors with a space to accomplish their dreams of expanding into a restaurant one day. For guests, Smorgasburg Miami will continue to host intentional thematic events that can honor the essence of different culinary communities around Miami.
Smorgasburg Miami Celebrates One Year Anniversary!
Founder, CEO Smorgasburg Miami, Gaston Becherano

Gaston Becherano, the CEO of Smorgasburg Miami, says, “Vendors work so hard to create lasting culinary memories for guests at Smorgasburg Miami, and this past year, we realized that the hard work has been worth it. It’s a great example of the evolving culinary community in Miami.” “Thousands of people come to Smorgasburg every weekend to experience the next great emergent vendor and dishes. I don’t think there would have been a demand for that in the past. I’m excited about where Miami is going in a culinary sense and honored to have Smorgasburg Miami be a real part of that journey for this city.”

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