The Making of Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar

Hole 19 - Scratch Kitchen + Bar
Mark Grigsby Executive Chef and Yannick Kemmache General Manager of Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar
Mark and Yannick met while Mark was working as the chef of cuisine for Yardbird Southern Table and Bar in South Beach and Yannick was assistant general manager at Spring Chicken in Coral Gables. Both restaurants are owned by 50 Eggs Hospitality Group, and the two colleagues immediately hit it off while training their staff on BOH policies, recipes, and other company practices. Not long after, Mark left the company to open his own shop, but he experienced one letdown after another. Almost as if by fate, Yannick called, asking if Mark would be interested in partnering with him on a new venture: a healthy hit spot. The two worked long, tedious hours together, making sure they were prepared. They spend a year taste testing and cleansing their palates, brainstorming, and combining their best ideas while researching how to produce the best results. Finally, when they were sure they were ready, they opened their healthy food concept, GrenHous Miami, as a food truck, networking their way around South Florida, booking catering events, private parties, and shows, as well as guest appearances.

GrenHous Miami

They were doing well, and after winning the bid for the Miami Springs Country Club last year, Patrick Kemmache, Yannick’s dad and a well-known name in the industry, together with Mark and Yannick took the concept to the next level, opening their own restaurant and making it easier for their community to reach them.

Under HRS MGMT, LLC, they launched Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar and a banquet hall that seats 210 people. They have also planned for an additional outlet on-premises, to complete the development of their health-conscious food concept.

At the time of my visit, restaurants in Miami-Dade County were still essentially closed due to an increase in coronavirus cases and were allowing only outdoor dining and take out. The pandemic has crushed independently owned and operated restaurants and bars like Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar, and many have closed permanently. Others have found creative ways to survive and remain open, not always breaking even but at least staying relevant. This unexpected global pandemic has not only put on hold the opening of GrenHous Miami, but it has limited the growth of Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar and the rest of their operations. August 1st was the 1-year anniversary of the opening of Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar, and it had been more than 5 months since the start of the COVID 19 crisis during which government officials had ordered restaurant dining rooms closed, re-opened, then closed again. Currently, a month after the anniversary, Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar is open for indoor dining. Many restrictions are in place, but it is still completely open. GrenHous Miami is expected to open by the end of the year.

Hole 19 Scratch Kithen Dishes Panoramic

As far as my experience goes, I started my visit with their Green Tonic cocktail – Bombay Sapphire gin, kiwi, thyme, and lime. Light, refreshing, and delicious! I followed with an array of mouth-watering dishes. Soup of the Day: Tequila–lime Tomato Bisque topped with a Mini Grill Cheese. Rich and full of flavor, and the mini grill cheese didn’t disappoint.

Tres Mariscos Ceviche Mixto with fresh Atlantic Corvina, jumbo shrimp, Florida spiny lobster, avocado, onion, red radish, and tropical citrus juices, served with house-made tostones, sweet potato puree, roasted bell pepper yogurt & pepita seed. A masterpiece! The tostones and ceviche combination was heavenly. The presentation was just as impressive.

Hole 19 Salmon Plate

Scottish BBQ Salmon Fillet with charred brussels sprout petals. Again, beautiful presentation, this time with very intense flavors. Rich flavors, sophisticated presentation, innovative cocktails, great service, and good vibes! Strategically located, Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen + Bar has become a neighborhood favorite. I really didn’t know what to expect when I arrived but I left satisfied and totally impressed.

Hole 19 – Scratch Kitchen + Bar
Miami Springs Golf & Country Club
650 Curtiss Pkwy, Miami Springs, FL 33166

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